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Dr. Sackman takes a customized approach with every patient. At your initial consultation, and after, he will work with you to develop a Personal Enhancement Package that will help you to achieve the improvements you want. The prices on this page will provide only an approximate idea of the average costs. Keep in mind that your needs, and the specifics of your procedure, will determine the final cost to you. Our Bethlehem Township, PA office is conveniently located, so stop in soon for a consultation.

Liposuction costs:

Starting at $2,995 - for the waist and tummy only.

Plastic (cosmetic) Surgery costs:

Surgery prices vary greatly depending on the complexity of your case. Simple procedures, such as a small mole removal, start at $450. More complicated surgeries and combined procedures often go much higher. Consultations are free, so schedule an appointment for specific pricing.

Upper Eyelid Tuck

Lower Eyelid Tuck

Chin Countouring

Neck Lift

Lip Enlargement

Lip Reduction

Facelifts and Facial Implants

Nose Reshaping (rhinoplasty)

Ear Reshaping (otoplasty)

Mole and growth removal

Scar Revisions/Repairs

Botox costs:

$200 - $500 per area, depending on the size of the area and how much you will need.

Corrective Filler costs:

(Sculptra, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane):$650 - $1,800 per treatment.

Fillers are sold by the vial. Treatments rarely require more than 1 vial, with the exception of Sculptra, which requires 2 treatments. Sculptra can last up to 3 years, while other products usually last about 6 months.

Laser Hair Removal costs:

Upper lip: $125 per treatment

Chin: $150 per treatment.

Hair Removal Package: 5 treatments for the price of 4, when paid in full by the 2nd treatment.

Laser Skin Tightening (Resurfacing) costs:

$1,750 - $2,300 per treatment, depending on how many areas will be treated.

Laser Vein Removal costs:

$250 per 15-minute session.

IPL (Photorejuvenation) costs:

$175 each, packages available.

Microdermabrasion costs:

Single Treatment: $135

Series of Three: $345

Series of Six: $655

Hair Transplant with Neograft® costs:

Average case, $5,000 - $10,000.

Chemical Peel

Single Treatment: $85 - $200

Packages available!

Vanquish Fat Reduction cost:

$2,195 for 4 treatments.

Payment Types

We gladly accept the following forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, cash, & checks.


Financing through CareCredit is available.

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